Welcome to the underground

Well, I guess the first start should come at some point. I’ve had this url on the ready for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to using it. Still, plenty of reasons to use it.

I’ve been active on the Shadowrun forums for a while now. Not nearly as long as some oldtimers, but enough time and activity for some people to consider me a name of importance. I really don’t get why, because nobody’s a perfect source. I’m not an official Shadowrun employee so my own advice is not better simply because it comes from me.

Still, I need a place to post my stuff where I can more easily edit it outside a forum’s restrictions. I’ve been working on my lists of easily missed rules, houserules and controversial rule debates for a bit and I am looking forward to posting those on here. And let’s not forget my official events. Having a place to give more info about them makes it feel a bit more tidy than just having the event pages, y’know?

So yeah, expect a bit of stuff from me in the future, on top of the info about Wild Things. =) I’ll be busy on the forums, what with the upcoming launch of Shadowrun Chronicles, but I should still find time for an update here and there.

As for the content, a lot of it will be in english but I’ll do information about the open events in both english and dutch.

That’s it for now I guess. In Shadowrun-style, ja mata!

– MC

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