Wild Things

Going to keep this brief, because most of the info is on the left already. Just check Open Play Events and its subheader Wild Things (also linked to on the Open Play Events page).

Wild Things is an open campaign, so anyone can join. It will be a bunch of single sessions where someone can just come in, grab a sample character and enjoy the game. There also will be a red thread weaving through the sessions, connecting them to a scary spooky evil masterplot.

Because the runners work for a company, there won’t be the usual ‘going to the meet, possibly getting ambushed/tested, negotiating with the Johnson, finding out what they’re not telling you and whether or not they’ll backstab you’ that most normal Shadowrunners go through. This is part of how I’m cutting down the gametime required. There will still be plenty of chances for socialites, of course, and also battle opportunities for the tough guys.

One last note: No Riggers, Deckers or Technomancers. We’re avoiding the complicated archetypes for this campaign. Plus in the middle of nowhere none of those are that comfortable to play. ^_^’

– MC

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