Temporary Rules: Rigger Modififications 1/3

Since Rigger 5 won’t be out until at least Q1 2016, both my open events (Black Hearts!) and my normal campaign are lacking material that they desperately need. The only material we have is in Stolen Souls, which only presents costs and a fluff explanation, mechanics are missing.

So to give Riggers options, I have made temporary conversions of some vehicle modifications. Of course these have been changed here and there to my personal taste to fit SR5 better.

Warning! These are NOT meant as general houserules! They are solely meant as temporary rules for my own campaigns until the official material arrives.

We don’t know how vehicle modifications will be changed in SR5. The Weapon Mods system was also changed, and the thresholds would need adjusting because Extended Tests are now limited. As such I’m not bothering with slots at all here, and simply applying gm fiat and generic restrictions. One such example is the Special Armor Mod limitation. Modification Thresholds are unlisted so what your contact charges you for it is up to me.

(With Black Hearts Mr. Smith will not charge the players for mechanic costs, just for the parts.)

I have made two lists of vehicle modifications, each with their own post. The first is general vehicle mods, ranging from Armor and Weapon Mounts to Mechanical Arms and Pilot Upgrades. The second is all the sneaky stuff a Runner might need: Morphing License Plates, Chameleon Coating, Smuggling Compartments, Road Strip Ejectors, and so on.

General Vehicle Mods
Name Avail. Cost
Anti-Theft System 6R Body * 200¥
Gun Port 6R 500¥
Mechanical Arm 4/6 1,000¥/4,000¥
Motorcycle Gyro 8 Body * 300¥
Suspension (Off-Road or Improved) 4 Vehicle Cost * 25%
Valkyrie Module 10 5,000¥
Weapon Mount
   Normal 8F 2,500¥
   Heavy 14F 5,000¥
   Concealed +4 +3,000¥
Manual +1 +500¥
Armored +2 +2,000¥
Name Avail. Cost
Armor (Normal) 1~20 6R R * 200¥
Armor (Concealed) 1~20 12R R * 1,000¥
Personal Armor 1~10 (R)R R * 500¥
Special Armor 1~10 8 Rating * 500¥
Tires (Off-Road) 6 400¥ each
Tires (Run-Flat) 4 250¥ each
Hardware Upgrade 1~6 R*2 R^2 * 500¥
Pilot 1~6 R*2 R^2 * 500¥
Spy Vehicle Mods
Name Avail. Cost
Chameleon Coating 12R Body * 2,000¥
ECM 1~10 12F R * 1,000¥
Morphing License Plate 8F 1,000¥
Signature Masking 1~6 14F R * 2,000¥
Smuggling Compartment 6F R * 1,750 ¥
Shielded +6F +R * 1,500¥
Spoof Chips 8F 500¥
Vehicle Tag Eraser 6F Body * 250¥
Name Avail. Cost
Oil-Slick Sprayer 8F 500¥
Road Strip Ejectors 12F 800¥
Spike Strip 8R 200¥
Zapper Strip 12R 2,500¥
Smoke Projector 6R 700¥

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