Rigger Modifications 2/3: General mods

Explanations short because again, temporary sloppy rules.

Anti-Theft System (Vehicle-only):

Alarm system, can give audible alarm if non-authorized user approaches, can retaliate against unauthorized access with 12S(e)/-5.

Gun Port (Vehicle-only):

Lets someone fire in 90-degree cone from the car without exposing self, grants stable firing position (4 Recoil Compensation, does not combine with Underbarrel recoil compensation).

Mechanical Grapple/Arm:

Mechanical Grapple can be used to pick up or deposit items, while a Mechanical Arm offers finesse and can use human tools. Drone’s Strength equals Body, Drone’s Agility equals Pilot Rating. Length is Bodyx10 cm. Full Arm is a cyberarm with 15 Capacity, but cannot take Armor Enhancement. GM Fiat for other Enhancements.

Motorcycle Gyro (Motorcycle-only):

+2 on Crash Tests.

Improved/Off-Road Suspension (Wheeled+Treaded):

Off-Road -1/+1 Handling. Improved +1/-3 Handling (+Crash Test made every Combat Turn spent Off-Road).

Valkyrie Module (Vehicle-only):

Takes up 2 seats. Medical unit, can be used to stabilize and automatically or remotely treat people. Counts as a Rating 6 Medkit.

Weapon Mount:

Weapon Mounts are normally internal and have -2 Concealability when not in use. Concealed Weapon Mounts have -6 Concealability instead. Manual Mounts can be used by a physical gunner. Armored Mounts give the vehicle’s protection to the gunner.

Armor (Normal/Concealed):

Cannot exceed Body * 2, or Body * 3 for Drones.  Replaces existing armor. Normal Armor is always visible, Concealed has (at least) -4 Concealability. If the Armor Value of this modification exceeds Body, Acceleration is reduced by 1. If Acceleration is already 1, Speed is reduced by 1 instead.

Personal Armor (Vehicle-only):

Cannot exceed Body. When people inside the Vehicle are attacked, not only is the Vehicle’s Armor added to their soak test, the Personal Armor is added as well.

Special Armor Modification:

Modifies armor similarily to metahuman armor with Chemical Protection, Fire Resistance, Insulation, Nonconductivity or Radiation Shielding. Can be taken multiple times for different versions, but total sum of all ratings cannot exceed Body.

Tires (Wheeled-only):

Cost is per tire, so multiple needed for all vehicles. Run-Flat Tires do not take a -2 dice penalty when flat. Off-Road Tires count as Run-Flat and also grant -1/+1 Handling, stack with Off-Road Suspension.

Hardware Upgrade:

Required for Pilot upgrades. Replaces normal Device Rating, which impacts Data Processing, Firewall, program space, Noise and anything else involving Device Rating.

Pilot [Model]:

Rating cannot exceed Device Rating, so to increase Pilot one must first upgrade the Hardware. Pilots are designed for their specific model, while they can be illegally copied they cannot control other kinds of vehicles/drones. A Roto-Drone Pilot cannot control ANY other type of Drone, not even similar models.

One thought on “Rigger Modifications 2/3: General mods

  1. The vehicle-armor mod is a decent consideration for people who want a temporary rule until Rigger V releases.

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