Rigger Modifications 3/3: Spy Mods

Explanations short because again, temporary sloppy rules.

Chameleon Coating:

Programmable vehicle disguise. -4 Concealability when a proper disguise is chosen (such as a similar vehicle, or camouflage). Less effect or even reversed if disguise does not match environment.


Built-in Area Jammer.

Morphing License Plate:

Can change their looks freely to any chosen existing/non-existing license plate. Combinable with Spoof Chips.

Signature Masking:

Any Sensor test against this vehicle is reduced by the lowest of the Rating of the Signature Masking and the Rating of the Sensor.

Smuggling Compartment (restricted):

-6 Concealability against determined searches, cannot be discovered with normal searches.

Comes in 3 types, of Rating 1, 2 and 4: Rating 1 is Suitcase-sized and can be put in any Large Drone and any Vehicle. Rating 2 is Metahuman-sized and can be put in any Vehicle with at least 2 Seats. Rating 4 is Troll-sized and can be put in any Vehicle with at least 4 Seats.

Can be Shielded against detection methods, e.g. airtight versus chem sniffers, faraday versus radar scans, or biofiber versus assensing. A compartment can be shielded multiple times, each method costs nuyen but the availability modifier applies only once. Rating of the Shielding equals the rating of the Compartment.

Spoof Chips:

Can generate false access IDs on command or at a specified frequency. Can combine with Morphing License Plates, automatically instructing the Plates to change whenever needed.

Vehicle Tag Eraser:

Anti-RFID wiper that can destroy any RFID tags attached to the vehicle. Board electronics must be disabled for 1 Combat Turn for this. Internal RFID tags are not destroyed.

Oil-Slick Sprayer:

Can spray oil on the road, causing +2 Threshold on Vehicle tests for any chasing ground vehicle. 6 charges, refill costs 50¥.

Road Strip Ejectors:

Can eject Road Strips. 6 capacity.

Spike Strips pop any non-Run-Flat tires, causing a Crash Test and applying a -2 on Vehicle Tests per flat tire.

Zapper Strips electrically attack any vehicle that comes into contact with them, doing 12S(e)/-5 versus the vehicle and 8S(e)/-5 versus the passengers.

Smoke Projector:

Causes Smoke which obscures vision as normal smoke. Takes 1 Combat Turn to cover 20m diameter, 30m diameter after the second Combat Turn. Usually lasts about 10 Combat Turns. Holds 6 charges, refills cost 50¥.

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