Lifestyle updates & Grid Access

A small note regarding the Grid Access houserule earlier: There is now an official rule to get access to additional Grids, located in Hard Targets. Said houserule post has been updated to note the rule is no longer required.

For reference: The rule is located on Hard Targets p140, “Grid Subscsription (Updated)”. It lists both the normal Grids you can access, as well as what you pay for access to the Local or Global Grid and what Lifestyles only need to spend 1 point for it.

Hard Targets also has a rule for what happens if you run out of points but want to buy extra services and outings: If your Lifestyle normally qualifies for nuyen-free, they can be bought point-free instead (while retaining the nuyen pricetag). It also comes with a useful calculation order for Lifestyles, as well with a rule for sharing Lifestyles.

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