Addiction houserules teaser

Unfortunately the friday-deadline today was either obtainable for Black Hearts or for the houserule post, not both. However I will have time tomorrow, so I’ll type in the houserule intel on addiction then.

For those who don’t know, SR5 added an actual mechanic for when to roll addiction tests. Previously GMs had to just ballpark it. The system is designed to add a potential risk for PCs without instantly destroying them, and unfortunately has a few gaps and weird consequences as a result. The houserules will try to balance that out, with the big core pillar putting a max on how badly you can get hooked on fairly benign stuff. This would mean that Soykaf no longer can kill a civvie within 2.5 years…

The post also will come with some clarification. 🙂 The rules are a bit tough to read after all, plus the German rules even erased part of them and took out the bite as a result…

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