Non-storylined Open Events are a go!

Hoi chummers,

Starting monday 9 october I will once again host open events at Moenen & Mariken. These events will take place every second monday of the month from October to May. After that I will be busy with marriage-stuff so won’t be hosting for a few months.

Pages have been made and added to the sidebar menu, Open Sessies (NL) / Open Events (EN). You can look for more info and the exact dates there. If you want more info and e-mail warnings, feel free to comment here or give me a poke at Moenen & Mariken.

See you in the shadows, chummers

2 thoughts on “Non-storylined Open Events are a go!

  1. Black Mamba says:

    Congratulations on the marriage. Hope all is well for you.

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