Bar fight: Sample combat (02/X: Yu’s stats)

Here’s Yu’s statblock. Minor note: Rude’s stats have been updated to add his Social Rating of 0/6. That’s 0 for non-Intimidation, 6 for Intimidation.


  • CRB = Core Rulebook aka Sixth World
  • FS = Firing Squad
  • p# = page number (so CRB p249 means page 249 of the Sixth World book)
  • AR = Attack Rating
  • DR = Defense Rating
  • DV = Damage Value

Yu (Elf Covert Ops / Face)

B 2, A 6 (8), R 4 (5), S 2 (4), W 5, L 5, I 5, C 8, Edge 2, Essence 4

Note that Elves can have max 8 Charisma, 7 Agility, 6 on all other attributes. Yu has 6 Agility, 8 Charisma, so only 1 Attribute max. CRB p63 mentions only 1 attribute “only one attribute may be at the maximum for the selected metatype”, ergo 7 Agility would have been illegal.

Also be aware that it says for the selected metatype: Magic and Resonance are not capped based on Metatype. As such, by some this is interpreted as that Magic/Resonance are excluded from this restriction.

Important augmentations

  • Muscle Replacement: +2 Agility and +2 Strength (CRB p287)
  • Reaction Enhancers: +1 Reaction (CRB p287)
  • Smartlink & Image Link: Can use Smartguns, see AROs, etc (CRB p275 + p285)

You could have gotten the Links in glasses or cybereyes, but no, Yu went badass with direct implants while keeping his natural eyes. This means Yu keeps his natural Low-light Vision. The rules don’t mention this explicitly, but when you replace your natural eyes, you also lose your normal natural sight quality if you have one. Ingentis Athletes p17 does reference this restriction, when noting that replacing a Cyclopean Eye with a cybereye negates the impact that said Eye has.

Important skills

  • Biotech 1
  • Influence 5, Con 6 (Impersonation +2)
  • Stealth 6 (Palming +2)

So to translate those stats to dicepools: Yu has 8 Charisma + 5 Influence = 13 dice on things such as Negotiation, and 8+6=14 when lying. Impersonation adds another 2, so Yu is extra good in pretending to be someone he’s not.

Yu’s special stats

  • Defense Rating: 5 (2 Body, +3 Crimson Sky Suit)
  • Social Rating: 13/3 (FS p50: 8 Charisma, +5 Crimson Sky Suit, armor flipped on Intimidation)
  • Base Initiative: Reaction 4 (5) + Intuition 5, no augmentations on the dice = 10+1D6 (CRB p39)
  • Base Actions: 1 Major/2 Minor (CRB p40: 1 default Minor + 1 per Initiative dice, aka 2 total when unbuffed)
  • Default defense pool: Reaction 4 (5) + Intuition 5 = 10 dice (CRB p105)
  • Condition Monitors: 9 Physical, 11 Stun (CRB p38: 8 + Body/2 rounded up, and 8 + Willpower/2 rounded up)

Yu’s Crimson Sky Suit (FS p52) provides +3 Defense Rating, has 6 Capacity and has a Social Rating of +5. He spent the capacity on the following:

  • Chemical Protection Rating 6 (CRB p266: 6 Capacity, can protect against Corrosive status 6x, both those numbers are equal to the rating. Also provides a dice bonus on Toxin Resistance tests where it’s ‘appropriate protective gear’, CRB p121)


  • Ares Predator VI (CRB p253 + table p255)
    • 30 Gel Rounds loaded (an Ares Predator VI can have multiple ammo-types loaded and uses the type you want)
    • Personalized Grip (FS p62, +1/+1/-/-/- on available Attack Ratings)
    • Active Smartgun (CRB p260-261, since Yu has an implanted Smartlink, the combination of Smartlink+Smartgun gives 2 on all available Attack Ratings, and other benefits)
    • Gel Rounds (CRB p262): 12/12/10/-/-, 3S damage (When striking an enemy, they must roll to avoid getting knocked Prone. It says player’s choice on whether to Roll Agi(2) or Body(4), chances are this should read Target’s choice. No errata / author intent known at this point.)
  • Shock Gloves: 9/-/-/-/-, 4S(e) (Strength 4 + weapon’s 5/-/-/-/- AR as Attack Rating, see CRB p109)

Healing Pools

When applying First Aid, Yu will roll 1 Biotech + 5 Logic = 6 dice. Without a first aid / biotech kit, there is a -2 dice penalty. (CRB p119, note that p273 mentions Tools are for a skill, so there is no such thing as a First Aid kit, there’s only Medkits and Biotech Kit/Shop/Facility available in the rules. CRB p281 states a Medkit counts as a Biotech Kit.)

When doing a detailed Medkit healing, Yu can opt to let the Medkit take the wheel, replacing their Biotech skill of 1 with the Medkit rating (CRB p120), they still roll Logic though.

Don’t forget a Wireless Medkit adds +1 die to healing tests. (CRB p281)

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