Current Status

So I haven’t been around recently, which meant the sample combat project also fell to the wayside. Unfortunately staying at home slowly started putting pressure on me, so Shadowrun-fridays just stopped happening for me. Doesn’t help that I really miss public events for people to hop by and give it a shot.

No returning to the sample combat I fear, or online events, though I have been busy with Shadowrun again: Working on a new Mission, helping polish my Mission from last year, and writing a one-shot SRM-style. Single-page version of the one-shot is almost done, which leaves a lot to the GM. SRM-style will be later on.

So if you want to give a public oneshot a chance, here’s a lightweight run involving a prank, smugglers, and a really weird cargo-system. Set in United Netherlands, Europort: Two Bricks short of a Full Load

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