Howdy chummers,

My online alias is Michael Chandra. I am a great fan of Shadowrun, which is why I am a Catalyst Demo Team Agent. I run both public and private Shadowrun games, and am an avid member of the forums when it comes to helping people with answers or advice. I also frequently enter into rule debates when the intent of a rule is unclear, or people wonder about how best to amend a rule.

This blog exists for four purposes:

  1. Providing information about my Open Shadowrun Events, hosted under my position as Demo Team Agent.
  2. Helping people with info about the rules, whether that is unclear rules, controversial ones or possible houserules originating from lengthy debates.
  3. Giving both Players and GMs useful tips and resources for their games.
  4. Having fun and sharing my own stories.

Talk to you later, chum.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings and salutations!

    I’m an old school Shadowrun gamer (2nd to 3rd edition) when 3rd was still shiny and new.

    At any rate, I’m looking for help adapting to 5th edition, as I received a boatload of books from an old friend. I currently run a 5E D&D game that my players truly love, but I’m hoping to give them a new experience with SR5. I think they’d love it!

    That said, I’m having difficulties with a few rules regarding the massive overhaul of the Matrix, the GOD issues, and the way wireless works.

    I posted on Shadowrun Universe before I realized they sold out to the video games only and archived the RPG forums.

    My post there was as follows:

    “So, I’ve recently acquired a set of 5th edition Shadowrun books from a friend. I played extensively in 2nd and 3rd edition almost 2 decades ago. I had very well established characters in that timeline, especially a decker I played that went by the handle “Cricket”. I was going to recreate him in the modern day 2070’s era, a giant from the past with the tools to survive the future, but it’s been difficult. I’m a precision player and GM, so I like the details to be accurate. He was a heavy hitter when we stopped playing. He had earned, very much the hard way, over 760 karma. He used a C2 cranial cyberdeck that was maxed out using his own maxed out cybertech skills. I had earned it, too. I could only be challenged by AIs, high powered Otaku and Dragons on the Matrix. Our group had the very best high end gear, as well. (Deltaware, etcetera). We played for 3 years, 1-3 times a week. We all started out as regular street runners and worked our way up.

    All that said, I’m running into serious issues. I can easily manufacture a story where Cricket survives the crazy online/wireless age and somehow outsmarts “GOD” (which he would do, or die trying). But I can’t find ANY rules that satisfy building your own cyberdecks and modifying them upwards in performance. I get the game balancing issues, but their are some people who might want to explore that character concept. And I, at least, want to back up my “NPC” plot device character with actual rules, even if the other players don’t want to be engineer level combat deckers.

    I would like to know if there are any newer, hard and detailed rules on deck modifications and the like. I know the corporations have an ironfisted grip on the industry, but that’s why shadowrunners exist, to buck the system. There should be people out there intentionally disrupting this lousy “big brother” regime strangling the free roaming life out of the matrix!

    But I digress. Thanks, in advance, if you have any guidelines to offer. I can’t seem to find anyone posting on this anywhere…”

    Please help me out, if you find the time. Thanks.

    • Heya,

      I’ve been off the SRT forums for a while, longer than that SRU had to retire their tabletop forums due to lack of support. As such I’m not sure if anyone has houseruled any decent systems, though we did have debates in the past on what would be decent costs. The Data Trails options indeed are very limited to 1 Module and 1 Modification per deck, unless the GM rules otherwise, and each serious modification comes with a downside. Your best bets are the official http://www.shadowruntabletop.com forums.

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