Houserules listing updated

The Possible Houserules Index has been updated to include links to the Recoil, Attribute Boost and Karma<->Nuyen houserules. Said update has been added to the Updates page.

I also added a slight note about Tablerules, since I included the specific houserule I use myself for Karma<->Nuyen. This kind of rule has been adjusted to my table and personal preferences specifically so while useful for inspiration, it should still be considered very carefully.

Finally, the first Black Hearts session announcement will publish this evening. I will configure these announcements to all happen exactly 1 week before the start of each session. These announcements will be in both Dutch and English.

Welcome to the underground

Well, I guess the first start should come at some point. I’ve had this url on the ready for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to using it. Still, plenty of reasons to use it.

I’ve been active on the Shadowrun forums for a while now. Not nearly as long as some oldtimers, but enough time and activity for some people to consider me a name of importance. I really don’t get why, because nobody’s a perfect source. I’m not an official Shadowrun employee so my own advice is not better simply because it comes from me.

Still, I need a place to post my stuff where I can more easily edit it outside a forum’s restrictions. I’ve been working on my lists of easily missed rules, houserules and controversial rule debates for a bit and I am looking forward to posting those on here. And let’s not forget my official events. Having a place to give more info about them makes it feel a bit more tidy than just having the event pages, y’know?

So yeah, expect a bit of stuff from me in the future, on top of the info about Wild Things. =) I’ll be busy on the forums, what with the upcoming launch of Shadowrun Chronicles, but I should still find time for an update here and there.

As for the content, a lot of it will be in english but I’ll do information about the open events in both english and dutch.

That’s it for now I guess. In Shadowrun-style, ja mata!

– MC