Black Hearts (EN)

Black Hearts is a short open Shadowrun campaign revolving around a black ops team of the UCAS. The campaign exists of multiple assignments from the UCAS to her illicit employees. This means each session is stand-alone, which means a player can simply attend a single session and still enjoy the story. There is of course a common thread connecting the different sessions.

The UCAS has quite a number of enemies such as neighbouring countries, terrorists and megacorps. Against these enemies they employ deniable assets. For God and Country their men must steal, deceive, kidnap, assassinate and more. A well-paid job but if you’re ever caught, the government shall deny all involvement and will secretly have you taken out…

The sessions will be played at Moenen en Mariken (Van Welderenstraat 70, Nijmegen) on tuesday nights. The room will be open starting 7 o’ clock, playtime is from half past seven to ten. The room is reachable through the side-entrance left of the shop window.

Black Hearts sessions:
22 september 2015, 19:30-22:00.
6 oktober 2015, 19:30-22:00.
20 oktober 2015, 19:30-22:00.
3 november 2015, 19:30-22:00.
17 november 2015, 19:30-22:00.

For those who want to create their own character, we use Priority with a few adjustments to make the characters their possibilities fit a blacks op team more.

  • Skills MUST be Priority A, no matter what.
  • Distribute 7 points over the other categories, here B costs 3, C 2, D 1 and E is free. A is not allowed. The options thus are BBDE, BCCE, BCC and CCCD. This is 1 priority level higher than normal Priority grants.
  • Instead of (Logic+Intuition)x2 free Knowledge Skill Points, everyone gets (Logic+Intuition)x3+5 free Knowledge Skill Points instead.
  • Each character gets 3 Fake SINs from the UCAS government, these are Rating 4 and each have 5 relevant licenses. Their nationalities are UCAS, CAS and 1 country of choice.
  • Mr. Smith is the UCAS government contact that gives the team their assignments. He counts as a Government Official contact with Connection Rating 6 and Loyalty Rating 3.

Decker, Rigger and Technomancer characters preferably only after contact with the gamemaster about them.

The Missions FAQ (v1.4) restrictions regarding Qualities apply.

Since Rigger V won’t be out for a while, temporary vehicle modifications apply. These can be found here.