Open Sessions (EN)

Care for a stand-alone session of Shadowrun to get to know the game? Or want to try out a different character than usual? The Shadowrun Open Sessions will let you do that and more. Each session is stand-alone, so players can just opt-in for a single one without worries. All gaming material is taken care of, and you can choose from a total of 14 Sample Characters.

As starting Shadowrunner or experienced criminal your life is one of twists and turns. You never know just what to expect. Sometimes you need to rob someone or protect them. Sometimes you exterminate the local pests. And sometimes you just have to try to survive. Each experience is different and each time you can only hope you’ll survive.

Want to know more, or receive a headsup e-mail before every open event? Then fill in the contact form.

Sessions are at Moenen & Mariken (Van Welderenstraat 27, Nijmegen) on the first saturday of each month. The room is open from 7 PM, playtime is from 19:30 to 20:00. At the entrance of the shop there is a bell for the basement (Kelder). Due to COVID-19 I only offer Open Events through the RPG Nijmegen Discord, Shadowrun is the first saturday of each month at 19:00.