Words of a Feather (EN)

Words of a Feather is a short open Shadowrun campaign about The Library Of Progress in Kansas City, a cover of the secret organization Gram, and its librarians. These employees, a hybrid of Indiana Jones and master thieves, are sent on assignments to obtain magical artefacts. Each session is stand-alone, allowing players to participate in a single session if desired. There is also a red thread connecting the sessions in a story arc.

The sessions will be played at Moenen en Mariken (Van Welderenstraat 70, Nijmegen) on tuesday nights. The room will be open starting 7 o’ clock, playtime is from half past seven to half past ten. The room is reachable through the side-entrance left of the shop window.

Words of a Feather sessions:
GRAM 3 May 2016, 19:30-22:30.
NOTHUNG 17 May 2016, 19:30-22:30.
BALMUNG 31 May 2016, 19:30-22:30.
FAFNIR 14 June 2016, 19:30-22:30.

For those who want to create their own character, we use Priority with a few adjustments to make the characters their possibilities fit a Librarians team more.

  • Skills MUST be Priority A, no matter what.
  • Distribute 7 points over the other categories, here B costs 3, C 2, D 1 and E is free. A is not allowed. The options thus are BBDE, BCCE, BCC and CCCD. This is 1 priority level higher than normal Priority grants.
  • Instead of (Logic+Intuition)x2 free Knowledge Skill Points, everyone gets (Logic+Intuition)x2+8 free Knowledge Skill Points instead.
  • Each character gets the Bilingual quality (2 Native languages) for free and 1 extra language at at least Rating 4, at least one of these languages must be English. The extra language can be raised with knowledge skill points. It’s advised to take at least one archeological language (e.g. Sperethiel, Or’Zet, Mayan, Egyptian Hierogliphs, Latin, Nordic Runes).
  • The organization Gram counts as a Connection 5 Group Contact which does not supply Forbidden gear.
  • Every character has a Rating 5 Fake SIN with 5 fake licenses supplied by Gram.

The Chicago Missions FAQ (v0.3) restrictions apply regarding Qualities.