SR5 Possible Houserules (Index)

Every table is different, with its own flow, playing style, gming style, etc. As a result, the rules don’t fit well with every table so changes might be made. As a perfect example, Shadowrun Missions replaces some rules with quicker versions of its own, such as buying hits in downtime. It also changes or bans things that require a lot of GM time to balance out normally.

Within the rule debates, some problems come up rather frequently. Based on those debates, and the arguments people give for their own houserule solutions, I made a list for GMs to choose from. With each subject I describe why people may find the normal rules problematic, what the thought is behind desiring a change.

Now a specific houserule may solve such a problem for one table, but not for the other. Which is why for many subjects I will present alternative houserules, or even multiple smaller houserules that can be combined. And more importantly, each version has a justification for that version, as well as a note of possible consequences.

This way each GM can decide for themselves whether a houserule is necessary at their table, and if so whether one of these versions would suffice.

Disclaimer: I personally disagree with some variants, and will be honest about that dislike while debating them.

Disclaimer 2: [[Tablerules]] are not normal suggestions so can be freely ignored, they’re simply how I mutated other rules to fit with my table.

Possible houserules:

  • Progressive Recoil
    • Requires entire Action Phase to reset
      • Take Aim recovers natural compensation
    • No Simple Full-Auto Bursts
  • Noise
    • Shuts down all wireless communication.
      • Split between Spam and Static effects.
      • Blocks communication but not one-way signals.
    • Datajacks work on 1 device each, do not stack
  • Mystic Adept Power Points
    • Can be bought after chargen for 10 karma
    • Can be bought in/after chargen for rising cost
    • Can be bought for two free Spell Slots each
    • Receive 1 free in return for 1 Spell Slot
    • Are only lost if Magic dips too low
  • Quickening
    • No overcasting
    • Must buy hits
    • Initiation Grade maximum quickened
  • Conjuring
    • Bound Services last until dusk/dawn
    • Oversummoned Spirits resist with Edge
  • Attribute Boost
    • Strength Boost impacts melee damage
    • Agility Boost impacts movement rates
  • Initiation/Submersion
    • Allowed at chargen but not compatible with SAPs
    • Ordeal times replace the normal Initiation test
  • Cyberlimbs
    • No customization past natural attribute
    • No bonus past augmented maximum
    • Maximum bonus depends on natural attribute
    • Exceptional requires softcapping
    • Partial limbs can take less armor
    • Strength applies for physical limit
    • Customized start at Racial Minimum + 2
    • Leg agility counts for Movement Rate
  • Addiction
  • Karma<->Nuyen
    • ¥2k <–> 1 karma (takes time, 5 max per downtime)
    • ¥4k –> 1 karma –> ¥2k (2 max per month)
    • [[[¥2k <–> 1 karma (3 max per month, sidejob)]]]
  • Lifestyle
    • Expenses may be absorbed by Lifestyle’s C&I
    • Additional bank accounts cost ¥100/month each
    • Additional Grids cost 5% of required Lifestyle
    • Additional Grids as Entertainment Lifestyle Option
    • Base Lifestyle determines amount of commcodes
    • [[[Investments possible as ‘permanent Lifestyles’]]]
  • Drone Sensor Arrays
  • Drone Sneaking Size Modifiers
  • Cover & Running
    • Cover translates to auto-hits after limits
    • Running translates to auto-hits after limits
  • Vehicles/Drones: Repair Costs, Hardened Armor
  • Vehicle Speed
    • Speed->Movement table is updated
      • Acceleration also impacts vehicle’s speed
      • Minimum movement rates for specific speeds
        • Rotorcrafts faster outside cities
        • Fast Rotorcrafts at risk inside cities
      • Planes made faster inside new table
      • Drones made slower inside new table
  • Teamwork Tests


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