Sixth World status

So it’s been a while, and all is quiet on the Western Front, which means I decided it was time for a bit of a status update. Shadowrun Sixth World (sixth edition, called 6w by some) has been available in PDF for a while now, and unlike 5e there’s a solid errata process underway. RPG Nights at the local FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Story) are going well, with plenty of various open events taking place as well as hosting multiple campaigns. We now have a Discord channel and while I only host each first saturday, there’s 2 Open Events nights per month with the other saturdays being used solely for campaigns.

For Shadowrun events, we currently run Open Events with the core ruleset but using the Beginner Box characters. There’s a few reasons for that, namely awaiting errata so sample characters can be validated and fixed, and eagerly waiting for HeroLab Online to come out with their Shadowrun 6w package. Once that is out, I can run with the sample chars from Core instead. We ran thrice so far, with spectacularly wicked results. The new Edge game is easy to get into and combat goes much faster when you’re walloping gangers.

As for this blog: Like I mentioned, there’s currently a solid errata process underway. So I am aware that for some rule parts I struggle with, there’s clarifications imbound. But I don’t know what those clarifications will be. So, until I know which way those errata turn out, I don’t know what houserules to offer to override them. Thus I am watchin’, and I’m waitin’, on the edge of my seat, anticipatin’… Once the errata come out, this blog will become more active again.

See you in the shadows, chummer.